Statutory Removal Service

CGA E-COMMERCE LIMITED (“The Company” or “We” or “Us”)

「Statutory Removal Service」- Terms and Conditions

1. Scope of the service Customers, who purchase any regulated electrical equipment from us, including computers and related devices such as printers and monitors, as specified in the Product Eco-responsibility Ordinance (Chapter 603 of the Laws of Hong Kong), can request a free removal service (“Free Removal Service”) to dispose the same type and quantity of equipment abandoned by the consumer in accordance with the endorsed plan (only applicable to the same type of regulated electrical equipment Note 1).
2. Applicable locations Applicable for all locations in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
3. When to make request

(a) Customers can select the Free Removal Service when making purchase at our physical store or online store;

(b) Customers can request and confirm the Free Removal Service within 3 days after purchase, otherwise it will be regarded as giving up the Free Removal Service.

4. Timing of Free Removal Service

(a) Under normal circumstances, 3 working days are required for arranging the Free Removal Service;

(b) On the specified date, removal staffs will remove the waste electrical and electronic equipment at the designated location.

(c) The Free Removal Service is not available on Sunday and public holiday.

5. Remarks

(a) The Free Removal Service, delivery service and installation service shall be arranged separately. The waste electrical and electronic equipment can be removed in advance or stored at the removal location temporarily for collection later according to the arrangements stated in this terms and conditions.

(b) No return is allowed once the waste equipment is collected.

(c) The waste equipment shall include all internal parts, and shall be placed individually, disconnected with any other devices or systems, and free from any obstacles.

(d) If the waste equipment has any serious hygiene problems (e.g. food scraps and litter, presence of cockroaches or ants etc.), removal staffs can refuse to remove the waste equipment, and the customer will no longer be entitled to any Free Removal Service.

(e) Customers shall give us no less than 2 working days’ notice in respect of any request for change of the removal location, date or time.

(f) When Black Rainstorm Warning / Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, Free Removal Service will be suspended and rescheduled.

(g) We shall not be liable for any delay, suspension or reschedule in removing the waste equipment caused by or resulting from traffic conditions, adverse weather conditions or any other factors beyond our control.

(h) All personal data of the customers or contact persons provided to the Company are for the purpose of arranging the Free Removal Service only. The Company shall comply with the obligations and requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong).

(i) A recycling label comes with every single regulated electrical equipment. Customers shall return the recycling label if any product is exchanged or returned.

(j) If the other languages of this Terms and Conditions do not conform to the English version, the English version shall prevail.

(k) In case of any disputes, the decision of the Company shall be final.

Customers acknowledge that:

  • (a) they are responsible for the deletion of all confidential and proprietary data on all computer hardware, data storage and electronic devices contained therein or within the products and equipment before the products and equipment are removed from the customers’ premises.
  • (b) we will not be, in any way, responsible for confidential and proprietary data that is not deleted from the computer hardware and / or electronic devices.
  • (c) all computer hardware and electronic media devices will not be returned after collected by removal staffs.

Note 1

Computer: generally including personal computer, desktop computer, tablet computer, laptop computer and notebook computer.

Printer: not exceeding 30kg in weight; one that can also be used as a photocopier, facsimile transmitter or scanner is also regarded as a printer.

Monitor: not having the function of storing electronic data or computing, the size of the display screen is not smaller than 5.5 inches (measured diagonally) but not exceeding 100 inches (measured diagonally).